STEFANIE FAIL (PhD candidate) is interested in survey research methodology, computational linguistics, and human-computer interaction.  She works as a voice user interface designer at Nuance Communications.

RENE HOLL  (PhD candidate) studies the effects of banner ads on consumers’ brand choices in e-commerce web sites.  He is a user experience/usability consultant who has designed websites, desktop applications and mobile devices for clients that include, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, and Kodak.

COURTNEY KELLNER (PhD candidate) has been studying people’s physiological reactions to sensitive and threatening survey questions.  She works as a voice user interface designer at Nuance Communications and has taught at the New School for General Studies.   kellc869@newschool.ed

MICHELLE LEVINE  (PhD 2010) examined how jazz musicians coordinate face to face, via remote video, and via remote audio, and how their feelings of copresence are affected by the media of interaction.  She also has studied how listeners comprehend stuttered speech.  She is currently a term assistant professor at Barnard College.

REBECCA ROSEN (PhD 2011) studied how people answer sensitive survey questions and questions about psychological distress differently when the questions are asked by a person or a computer.  She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell and a licensed clinical psychologist.

KAMALA SANKARAM  (PhD candidate) is updating her blurb.

MATTHEW STEINFELD  (PhD 2012) studied how musical imagery affects skill acquisition in novice musicians.  He also has published on pain processing in opiate addiction.  He is currently an instructor at Yale Medical School.

SHELLEY FEUER (PhD candidate) is updating her blurb.