News items:

  1. National Science Foundation 10/20/15 “The source of statistics: New frontiers in survey methodology

  2. iMedicalApps 6/12/15 “Study: Text messaging may be a better way to perform surveys

  3. mHealth Insight 6/11/15 “Mobile phone based interviews lead to more trustworthy and accurate answers than those given in more traditional spoken interviews

  4. Scientific American podcast 5/24/12 “Texts may beat phone calls for survey honest answers

  5. UPI .com 5/16/12 “People more truthful in text messages

  6. PC World 5/17/12 “iPhone users more likely to tell truth via text, study says

  7. MSNBC Technolog “Want an honest answer? Send a text, says study

  8. Press release for Envisioning the Survey Interview of the Future (eds. F.G. Conrad & M.F. Schober).   (Available from Wiley here, as well as through Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

  9. Wall Street Journal article, August 2008, with short description of Victoria interviewing avatar from Lind, Schober & Conrad (2008)

Public presentations:

  1. UK National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) podcast, December 2015 "Shared understanding between improvising musicians

  2. New School Minute: Michael Schober, May 2015 "Jazz improvisers’ shared understanding

  3. AfterTaste 2015: Inside Imagination, February 2015, Parsons School of Design, with Daniel Carter and Mathias Kunzli “Social Dynamics in Space: 3 Musical Explorations

  4. Discussant, NPR Talk of the Nation, August 2008 “Polls about race can elicit dishonest responding