Courses (graduate and undergraduate) I have taught at the New School have been entitled:

Language and Thought

Research Methods in Cognition and Communication

Psychology of Music

Social Approaches to Cognition

Introduction to Psychology (coordinator)

Music and Mind

Collaborating In and Beyond Music

Collaborating In and Beyond Music is a lecture course bringing together New School students from Lang, Jazz, Mannes, Parsons, and the New School for Social Research. The course examines how we make music together both from scientific and performer perspectives, and what this can tell us about how we collaborate in other arenas, from talking with each other to dancing together to working together on joint projects.

I have also taught graduate seminars entitled:

Metaphor and Figurative Language


Social Cognition and Surveys

Discourse and Culture


Applied Cognitive Psychology

Psychology and Design (cross-listed with Parsons Design & Technology)

Visualizing Uncertainty (cross-listed with Parsons Data Visualization program)

Visualizing Uncertainty is a co-taught project-based graduate course focusing on connecting the perspectives of psychologists and data visualizers.  In the course, graduate students from Psychology and from Data Visualization collaborate to produce new work that could not have been created without the input from the other perspective.